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Monday, November 3, 2014

Don't Watch Life, Live It

I hope that everyone had a great Halloween weekend! I celebrated it here in London with some of my classmates. It was a fun experience to see how Londoners celebrate Halloween. It is not the same as in the states, but was still fun. Halloween here is apparently not that big, but the people who do celebrate it definitely get dressed up.

I also went to the city of Bath. It was such a beautiful city for a day trip destination. The buildings and scenery in Bath were gorgeous and somehow created a warm filter that felt like a sunset the whole time. It definitely had a much more relaxed vibe than London.

I'm not going to lie, but I did sacrifice getting work done in order to take the day trip to Bath. I do think the experience was worth the upcoming late nights that I'll be having to catch up though. I'm not encouraging putting off your homework and enduring sleep deprivation, but I do encourage you to take every opportunity to try and experience new things. College is definitely about learning through classes and homework, but it is also learning through experiences as well. This is the time where most people have their greatest growth as a person, so if an opportunity comes, don't let it pass you by. The study abroad program here demands a lot and has high expectations, but I knew that if I solely concentrated on my homework, I would be missing out on the amazing things here in England. How often am I going to get this opportunity to be able to travel so easily to places I've never been?

Here are some pictures from Bath.
DSC_0200.jpg DSC_0213.jpg DSC_0221.jpg DSC_0254.jpg

Remember, I'm not encouraging you to put off your homework, but I'm merely saying don't let the world and life pass you by.

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