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Friday, November 21, 2014

Dirty Laundry

Hello Everyone!
dirty laundry
I know I've written about a lot of events lately, but there have just been so many to attend! Last night I went to another event hosted by the Design Student and Alumni Board. Dirty Laundry hosted Ben VandenWymelenberg from Woodchuck USA and Colleen Carey of the Cornerstone Group.

Now incredibly successful, Ben and Colleen discussed some of their "bumps, hurdles, and crashes along the way," of which both agreed there were too many to count. Colleen even went as far as to say she probably had one bad idea every day in her 30 years of business! That being said, they both also spoke about the importance of making mistakes.

The big takeaway from Ben's anecdotes was that problems and challenges are opportunities. Colleen agreed that mistakes prove to be significant learning experiences. When you view mistakes less as failures and more as opportunities, you can move past them faster and provide opportunities for growth and improvement. You will fail sometimes, but that's okay.

Finally, during a night in which business and design horror stories were being traded, Colleen added that though failures and mistakes are both constant and inevitable, you still need to be an optimist to succeed. If you focus on the negative, you will never do anything, so here's to looking at that glass half full!

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