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Friday, November 7, 2014

Caution: Graphic Content Ahead

Hello Everyone!

Last night I attended the Caution: Graphic Content Ahead event put on by the Design Student and Alumni Board (DSAB) and it was phenomenal!


The DSAB brought in a panel of younger designers to talk about their experiences when transitioning from college to career. With this being a source of one my biggest anxieties (along with a lot of other Juniors/Seniors), it was fantastic to hear each of their stories.

The panel was made up of:

Stacia Burtis, Designer at Zeus Jones
U of M '13 -- Graphic Design

Laura Anderson, Designer at Persicope
U of M '10 -- Graphic Design

Ashley Hohnstein, Associate Art Director/Designer at Target
UW-Stout '13 -- Graphic Design

Rett Martin, Digital Associate Creative Director at Target
U of M '04 -- Graphic Design

Drew Covi, UIX Design & Developer at Honeywell
U of M -- Graphic Design

Paul Derby, UX Designer, Honeywell
Texas Tech -- Psychology

A few pieces of advice I found particularly helpful were:

-- Connect with people on social media, especially Twitter. Follow agencies you're interested in and make sure the link to your website/portfolio is in your bio.

-- Informational interviews and networking are everything. Attend and volunteer at American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) events. Be a face people start recognizing.

-- Invest time in personal projects, startups, freelance, etc. It can fill out a portfolio, it's something that will set you apart from other designers, and it shows you have initiative.

-- Finally, don't stress about finding the perfect job. Find a job you think you could enjoy (for at least a year), try something new, connect with people, and learn a lot.

Until next time,

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