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Sunday, November 23, 2014


Bonjour! I'm writing this blog in Paris right now. I'm currently on break from school for a week, so I decided to take a trip to Paris for a couple of days. London is so close, so might as well. This last week my classmates and I handed in three major projects, so this break is much needed. Hopefully after this break, I'll be refreshed and ready to take on my last major class for the semester.

From my experience studying abroad so far, I have learned so much. The information and way of learning that they teach here has definitely elevated me as a designer. If you have a slight thought that you would like to study abroad, I would highly recommend it! Not only do you learn skills in your major to supplement your home university's teaching, but you also learn to become much more independent and self sufficient as a person. I can already tell that I've grown so much as person. I've attained new life skills that will definitely benefit me in the future. You'll learn problem solving skills and social skills, which you can take with you as you enter the workforce, and it also gives you interesting things to talk about when you interview for jobs.

Here are some pictures of Paris in my first day so far.

Paris 1.JPG
Paris 2.JPG
Paris 3.JPG
Paris 4.JPG

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Until next time, I'll bid you adieu!

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