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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Afternoon Trip to Ft. Snelling State Park

Today I took a trip to Fort Snelling State Park, located along the Mississippi River in the heart of the Twin Cities--just another example of how unique the Twin Cities metropolitan location is.

The park, named after an old military camp used to control transportation on the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers, is filled with amazing walking paths, bike paths, and skiing and hiking trails. Other activities include, canoeing, swimming, fishing, bird watching, and so much more. The park itself is hundreds of acres, and after factoring in other adjacent parks, you have access to thousands of acres of river and forest land to explore. Just in one trip I saw deer, beavers, ducks, and a fox.

I recommend a trip to the state park because you get to enjoy some beautiful nature and learn about a piece of Twin Cities history. Just remember to bring a camera!

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