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Monday, October 13, 2014

Research! Bikes! Design!


In my architecture studio, we have been given our third project for the semester. This one will carry us through to the end of the semester, so it will be a big project with a lot of work. For this project, we are designing a small-scale museum space that will be located on the U of M campus. The museum space that I will be designing is to house bike collections. Not everyone has the same museum space topic, which makes it fun and interesting to hear about other research and design ideas. Some of the other collections include bees, bats, textiles, and wolves.

Last week during studio, my professor and I, along with two students who are also designing a space for bike collections, visited the Cycling Museum of Minnesota in Northeast Minneapolis. We learned about bicycles and their history in Minnesota. Most importantly, we received a lot of knowledge on museum design. A few of the people we met with have their education and background in museums. Talking with them about how to arrange collections and how to design a space to hold multiple exhibits was incredibly helpful.

When given a new project, it is essential to do as much research as possible. Being new to designing spaces, it is important for me to do research for this project not only on bikes, but also on museum design. What are the ways in which a bike can be displayed? What lighting is best in a museum setting? My research on both topics has been exciting and it sparks a number of ideas in my head.

Here are a couple of inspiration photos I've found from Method Bicycle.


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