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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Summer Time

water lilies.jpgSummer is in full swing and so is my internship at Como Park Zoo and Conservatory. I was excited to work there and I can say it is the highlight of my summer so far! Getting dirty and being hands on with the plants is a wonderful way to spend my days. My favorite job so far is working out front in the water gardens. I get to wear tall boots and long gloves and help place the water plants in their place of the design. One of the most unique plants in the water gardens are the Victoria water-lilies. These lilies are native to the Amazon River and can grow up to 9.8 ft in diameter! When I'm not at my internship I am exploring the cities with my friends and working at my job on campus at the Herbarium of the Bell Museum. Having a job on campus is really nice to help keep you on schedule and to give you a little extra spending cash for activities. To search for jobs on campus you can click here and follow a link to the U's employment page. Good luck and enjoy your summer!

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