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Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer Projects

Classes have ended for a couple of weeks now and we are in the full swing of summer break. Even though I don't have any classes anymore, it still seems like my projects are never ending. I guess this is what I can expect if I want to own my own business creating my own clothes and creating outfits for clients. One of the projects I just completed was for the lead singer of the local band, Little Band, which he needed for the Rebel, Rebel event at First Avenue. It was an awesome experience, because it really tested what I've learned so far in my education on how to pattern and doing adjustments while doing fittings with him. I am very happy to say that, yes, I actually learned things while here. I am also working on some shirts and a costume for other people, which is going to help me spread my name out there as a designer. Another great thing that has happened, is that I received notification that I have been accepted into the study abroad program at Central Saint Martins in London for the fall 2014 semester. This means I have a lot to prepare for that this summer as well. It may be summer break, but I sure know how to keep myself busy.

Here's a pic of the outfit I help create on stage at the Rebel, Rebel event.
Little Man.jpg

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