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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

If I May Call Myself an Intern

Hello everyone!

I am back for one more post before the new blogging crew arrives. To catch you up on these last couple weeks, I have been working at BWBR Architects in St. Paul. Their main location is here in St. Paul (and has been for over 100 years!) and they have recently opened a smaller location in Madison, WI. I found out today that BWBR first started in the Endicott building two blocks away from their current location. The building they were in was designed by Cass Gilbert and at the time there were 24 architecture firms sharing space in that building!

The internship has been so much fun! I have been working on a team (we have a project manager who oversees the stages of the design, interior designers who work with the interior architects on the inside of the building, and architects who work solely on the exterior of the building). The team works closely with our quality assurance department, the clients, and other companies like mechanical teams, electrical teams, plumbing, structural and more. I have been helping create callouts of building details, annotating documents, placing symbols and keynotes, working on redlines and more.

Next week I will temporarily help another project by going to the site and measuring rooms and double checking that dimensions and objects in the existing building are correct in the Revit model BWBR has created.

On Tuesday some of the interns went on a site visit to see the ending stages of the Eagle Bluff Church in Woodbury. The church is scheduled to open in September, so at this point all of the foundations have been poured, windows and walls placed, carpeting is being laid, paint applied, ceilings being assembled, etc. Construction site tours are some of my favorite events to go to. It is a lot of fun to see how a building comes together during different phases of the construction process. Below is a photo of one of BWBR's construction architects who led the tour. One photo is at the main entrance to the church and the other photo is above the worship space in the catwalk.



I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their summer!

All the best,
B.S. in Architecture