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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What an Amazing Time it has Been!

Well, I cannot believe it but I am finally able to say I have graduated with my undergraduate architecture bachelor of science degree! I still don't really feel as if I have graduated. It seems very surreal - like I am just on another summer break and will be starting school again in the fall (some day I will be back to begin my M'Arch degree!). The graduation ceremony was wonderful. It felt bittersweet lined up in Northrop with all of my classmates (and the entire graduating class from the College of Design). The ceremony was filled with wonderful speeches as well as a lot of excitement as we watched our friends walk across the stage. Afterward, I posed for a photo with my closest friends from the program. I will ALWAYS stay in touch with them - I feel like I've grown up with them in a sense.


What do I do with all of my free time now? Well, I still don't even know! I am focusing on work and truly enjoying being able to get out and enjoy the beginnings of summer. I plan to stay involved in the architecture community as much as possible and I hope to return to Rapson again. I truly will miss my second home, but I wish the best for all of the students who still reside there. It has been an amazing time and a great four years filled with passion, tears, excitement, wonderful friendships and unforgettable opportunities.

I hope you have enjoyed keeping up with my blogs and I encourage you to continue following the architectural blogger for next year - they will be great!

All the best,
B.S. in Architecture