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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Finishing Off The Year

Portfolio review and finals week are just around the corner! It's the last week of classes and for the next three days I'll be working to finish up final projects and prepare my portfolio.
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For interior design studio we just turned in part one of our final project (pictured on right) and now we are building our 3D models to turn in Wednesday! Once it's done it'll look awesome and be worth all the time invested in the final project. Color class is finishing off with a final design and the preparation of our complete portfolio with all the class projects. Then comes the time to gather all the projects over the course of the year and put them together for portfolio review!

There's a lot to do these last two weeks that I'm here and I'd be lying if I said it was smooth sailing and I'm not stressed. I'm very stressed! But time management is key to making it through finals and portfolio preparation. Here is a short list of suggestions for time management that I think are helpful in staying on track so that those all-nighters don't actually have to happen!

I hope everyone is finishing off the year strong! Just keep in mind that summer is ALMOST here, we can do it!

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