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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Fake Business = Fun Design

In my last post I mentioned that my final project for Surface Design is a visual identity system based on the color and texture of ice dyed fabric. Now that the dyeing process is complete, I've spent the last week refining the complete concept for the business that it will represent. I've decided to create an identity for a fictitious fabric store called LOOM that specializes in hand-woven and dyed fabrics, featuring regular collections by local textile artists. I know that it's a pretty specific niche business and that it might not be successful in the real world, but that's the beauty of designing for a fake business - it doesn't have to be plausible. It just has to look good.

Below I've included a mock-up of a few business cards, which I'm currently working on screen printing as a color separation (hence the bitmap format):


I'm pretty happy with the look of the cards so far and plan to develop the rest of the visual identity system around them. I've decided to include a letter template, envelopes, paper bags, and a series of product labels. I'll only be screen printing a few of the components to fulfill the project requirements, and the rest will be digitally printed to save a bit of time. I can't wait to share the final product with you!

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