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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Big Things!

My first year at the U of M is over, and it is so unreal. The past nine months have been a blast. I have learned so much about the world of housing from really awesome professors. I have made lots of good friends that I will be sure to see in the future. And I have learned a little bit more about what it means to be an adult, taking on more responsibilities and making my own decisions.

My good friend Peggy and I presented our development proposal for the City of North St. Paul a week ago. It was nice to see our final ideas come together so nicely.

I end this year very grateful for the Housing Studies major. It is allowing me to gain the skills needed to pursue a career in helping people. Specifically, I want to help those who are homeless or who face discrimination acquire affordable, adequate housing; everyone deserves a home.


It is not the end, but rather, another beginning. It's a new day! More adventures to be had. More friends to be made. More knowledge to be acquired. Don't let the world get you down, because life is so good!

Stay classy Minnesota,
Karly, Housing Studies B.S.