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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Three More Weeks!!!

I cannot believe I have only three weeks until graduation! I am excited to be the first class to walk across the newly renovated Northrop auditorium. I have been trying to prepare to the best of my ability. I have my gown, cap and tassel and have been thinking about ordering a diploma frame. I am also excited to announce that I have accepted an intern position at BWBR! I cannot wait to start!

Until then, I have been developing my studio project pretty well. I have only two weeks until our final review for studio. Floor plans, elevations, section cuts, models and renderings are all underway! We have been having mock-up reviews every Friday for the past few weeks. These reviews have included musicians (since this is sound studio), acoustical designers, detail architects and more. Each one of them has helped us refine our building designs in a unique way.

Amanda and I took photos the other day for our AIAS National Chapter Leader of the Month award for being the Spring Quad Cochairs. We will be on National's website for May. Here is the photo we submitted:

This photo 2.jpg

I hope everyone is getting excited for summer!

Until next time,
B.S. in Architecture