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Sunday, April 6, 2014

About A Month To Go!

Here we are, a month away from the end of school! I'm almost done with my freshman year of college and I really don't know if I'm happy or sad about it. I guess it's just a big mix of emotions! One-fourth of the way done with college!
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This last week was quite the week for me. I returned from spring break with a nice fever to start off the week back at school. Being sick at school was definitely one of my biggest worries leaving home but with the help of Boynton Health Services, I'm alive and well to tell you all about my experience! I ended up with a fever of 103 degrees and ended up going to urgent care in Boynton where I was tested for a few things. I instagrammed a nice picture of the doctors office (to the right) while I waited for some results. I was given medication and started improving quickly and after a few days of waiting for lab results, it turns out I had some weird form of strep. I felt completely better two days after starting the medication and it was the biggest relief to have that sickness go away. Now I guess I know I can survive being sick at college! Now everything is well and I'm back to being healthy.

Finals are coming up along with portfolio review so it's going to be a very busy last month of school but I'm just looking forward to summer and nice weather! I'm also still on the job hunt for summer employment in a job in interior design which is another thing on my list of to-dos but if I manage my time well enough, this last month will hopefully be a piece of cake. I've had some fun visiting my friends at their colleges these last few weekends. It's been really fun and it's interesting to see the differences between each school, I definitely suggest visiting friends when you're all off in college! Not only is it good to see a familiar face but the chance to experience different places is so interesting. But now after my little time of travels, it's time to hunker down and get to work on projects, papers, and studying!

Good luck to everyone as we all finish up the school year! We'll make it to summer, don't worry!

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