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Sunday, March 30, 2014

What's Live/Work?

This semester in Housing Development and Management, all of our coursework has revolved around live/work housing. But what is it? Live/work housing is workspace combined with living space, where work and home are unseparated. A common example is the artist loft; the artist works at home by creating a masterpiece right next to where she ate her morning bowl of cereal.

But, there are far more types of live/work housing than just this. A few of us will be presenting Monday and we'll be teaching the class about the different types and tenures when it comes to live/work housing. It is not always multi-family, leased, but also single-family detached ownership, multi-family Cooperatives, townhome conversions, and the list goes on and on...





Above are some pictures showing how diverse live/work housing can be.

Stay sharp :)
Karly, Housing Studies B.S.