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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Putting on my Professional Pants

Although most of my classes are just reaching their halfway point, my half-semester Career and Internship Preparation course is already kicking into high gear for its final week of class.

During our past few sessions, we've concentrated on creating resumes, cover letters, and portfolios that are both appealing to employers and representative of our own aesthetics as designers. This was capped off by an in-class portfolio panel led by practicing designers from around the Twin Cities. The night before this panel took place, I decided that I wasn't satisfied with my current portfolio and completely switched sites to I'm now much happier with the finished result and got really positive feedback from the panel. If you'd like to see the new and improved version, follow this link:


In addition to portfolio panel, we were also required to conduct an informational interview with a professional designer in our specific field of interest. Although the assignment only called one interview, I chose to meet with two designers -- one from Periscope and one from Studio MPLS. Their workplaces and projects were definitely very different, but they both sounded amazing to me. I was really able to learn a lot and could definitely see myself working at either place in the future.

Next week we wrap up class with mock interviews, which will be a culmination of everything we have learned throughout the semester so far. I'm a bit nervous, but also excited to test out my new professional skills. Although I still have two years of college left, the adult world of employment already seems to be just around the corner.

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