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Sunday, March 9, 2014

I got this? YES!

Only a few more days until Spring Break! I am so excited :D

But there's work to be done first:

Monday: Housing Proposal Narrative due in Housing Development and Management
Tuesday: Midterm Essay on racial segregation in Detroit due in Cities, Citizens, and Communities
Wednesday: Midterm Exam in Global Housing, Midterm Exam in Housing Development and Management
Thursday: Midterm Exam in Social Work, Quiz in Residential Construction
Friday: REST :)

It seems like a lot, but I'll make it through!


And a shout out to my little brother. Gunnar, you did a great job at the Minnesota Boys High School Hockey State Tournament. Very proud.

Also, check out the upcoming forecast. Is spring coming? Looks like it might be!

Stay sharp :D
Karly, Housing B.S.