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Monday, March 3, 2014

Halfway There and Feeling Good

The semester is now almost halfway through, which means new projects and midterms. The life of an apparel designer is definitely never boring, there is always something to do. For the career and internship class, I was required to do an informational interview with a professional in the industry. I found a tailor and Men's Warehouse and a designer for Target to do an interview with. I learned some really great information through the interview and it was really inspiring to hear their stories of how they go to where they are now. I also got to meet alum of the apparel design program at the Dean's Reception this last weekend, who is now a designer for Target as well. The informational interviews and meeting the alum, really confirmed that this program and this career is something that I want to do. It also confirmed that there are jobs out there for us apparel designers, which definitely takes a lot worry away from what to expect in the future. If you guys ever get a chance, contact an employer that you think you might want to work or intern at and do an informational interview, it's definitely worth it to get insider knowledge about the industry.

Below is a picture of my completed studio project.

Siberia Front.JPG

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