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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Things Are Getting Real!

image.jpegAll the pre-interior design students are venturing into the world of texture and pattern this month! Our latest project has been a challenge to find fabrics and other textures and patterns to use with an analogous color scheme. We got to use the big wall of resources in the studio (pictured on left). It's been sitting there full of fabrics all year and now we get to use it!

It's been really fun rummaging through all the things scattered about and picking out some really fun pieces and I even got to put to use finding furniture pieces to hypothetically reupholster!

Although this project has been very time consuming it has also been really fun! It's an enjoyable thing for me and there's nothing better than getting to do homework that you actually find fun! I'm currently working on the layout of the final boards and I can't want to have it completed and see it all put together. You've just got to love that feeling of holding a completed project, I know I do!

Check out the UMN Design instagram where you can bet I'll be posting photos of projects and things were working on in the interior design program!

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