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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Spontaneous Screen Printing

UnfinishedPrint.jpgAs I mentioned in my previous post, I've already begun my first screen printing project for GDES 3312: Color and Form in Surface Design. The project is loosely titled "Portrait," but it doesn't necessarily have be a portrait of a person -- the final print could depict nearly any subject, from an animal to a season or even a mood.

Although my own prints are roughly halfway done, I still haven't decided on a specific subject. This lack of direction may seem a bit strange, but it was done intentionally to give the project a more spontaneous feel. Our professor encouraged this impromptu approach and urged us to jump right into the printing process without any set ideas or plans.

Although I was initially a bit uncomfortable with the idea, I've really come to enjoy the process -- being creative feels much more liberating without a strict plan to follow or a specific outcome in mind. It's been really interesting to see how my prints unfold and where the next day's work will take me.

One of my six prints for the project is shown here on the right. Even though it isn't finished, I'm pleased with my progress so far. Up to this point I've been working with basic screen printing techniques and experimenting with a few different approaches to achieve the mottled texture and watery lines you see here. I haven't quite decided where to go next, but I definitely plan on including at least two more layers of color. I'll be sure to upload some photos of the final prints once they're complete. If you'd like to see how they turn out, stay tuned!

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