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Sunday, February 16, 2014

I Am Loving Studio!!

Sound Studio has been amazing thus far! We have studied musical instruments through architectural drawings (axonometric views, isometric views, plans, sections, details, elevations, etc.) and have regenerated particular interests of these instruments through models. Each student received a specific instrument; mine is the harmonica. Now, we are creating a mobile pavilion where this instrument can be played. Our site for our mobile pavilion is the St. Paul Union Depot (BEAUTIFUL if you have not been! It is free and I suggest you go!). My pavilion reflects the harmonica being cradled in the player's hands. A canopy is cantilevered over the interior play room by large finger like structures and the playroom resembles the intimacy of a small instrument. The playroom wall is built from varying lengths of projected wood pieces reflecting the in and out movement of the breath when playing the harmonica as well as the various lengths of the chambers within the harmonica that control the pitch of the note.

I am also excited for our multiple field trips including a visit to our site in Lowertown, St. Paul, the MPR broadcasting station, MacPhail Center for Music and possibly more! We recently went to First Avenue and got a tour behind the scenes! The venue was a completely different atmosphere seeing it empty! I have been there many times for concerts and was extremely pleased to see the main room, the green rooms, 7th Street Entry, the Depot and other rooms. Below is a photo of band's set lists taped to the wall behind the main stage.


Until next time,
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