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Tuesday, February 18, 2014 Pinterest for Designers!

Hi everyone!

I recently found out about this great website perfect for interior designers! Whether you're just looking to kill some time or looking for furnishings for a project, its a really cool website. It's called It's a website a lot like pinterest (one of my favorites for killing time). Basically, you search an item and get a huge list of different things and you can 'like' them and design your own rooms by making boards. It's really cool and I can see myself spending a LOT of time looking at it.

We're just starting a new project in IDES 1602 and I think this website will be of use for me! We are just starting to use color and pattern in our designs and we also get to select furniture so you can bet that I'll be searching stuff on this website and I'll probably spend a lot more time than necessary searching for the perfect pieces for my project!

Fun Fact: the previous interior design blogger, Ashley, was recently featured on the website! Click here to read about her as she answers questions about her experience as an interior design student at the U of M!

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