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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Back in the Groove

The semester is now in full swing, which means projects and assignments are back in full force. Right now in my apparel design studio we are working on a project in collaboration with the Weismann Art Museum's third annual design competition. The competition is Siberia: Imagined and Reimagined. The goal of the project is to basically portray Siberia using non-traditional materials, innovative textures, and/or structural shaping with an emphasis on sustainable best practices. The sustainable part is what makes the project challenging, so this weekend I went thrift shopping and got some great stuff from Savers and I think I have pretty good plan set. Below you can see the bags of stuff I came home with, and luckily since it was from Savers it wasn't too much of a cost and it'll fit the sustainability concept.

Savers Loot.JPG

Also at the same time, the senior fashion show, Align, is coming up which I will be modeling my pants from last semester and creating a top to go with it. I should probably stop blogging now and get to work.


Make sure to follow my blog at and make sure to visit to get more information about the Align Apparel Design Fashion show. Also look for pics on the UMNDesign instagram for updates on my projects!

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