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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Andrea Ponsi

ponsi clock.jpg During my weekend visit to Florence, I had the opportunity to meet the Italian architect Andrea Ponsi at his studio to learn more about his work. He has completed several commercial and residential buildings. The inside of his studio contains not only his building designs, but also his own furniture and objects. My personal favorite is his solar image clock, which shows at any time of the day the exact hour, sun's position in the sky, the length of the day and night, and the times of sunrise and sunset. At first glance, you would never have expected that it was a clock, but after taking a closer look, you can see the intricacy and appreciate how useful it is. Besides seeing his work, Andrea also talked to us about his design process. One thing that he said that I found inspirational was that the human body is the center of all designs. When taking this statement at face value, you will find it has truth, but when I thought about it, I fell in love with this statement. Every project I work on for class is dictated by the human body. The goal of every landscape architect and architect is to design spaces that people can enjoy, that evoke emotion and have a purpose. That is why I enjoyed listening to Andrea speak; he summed up the main goal of architecture in one amazing sentence. All in all, my visit to Andrea Ponsi's studio in Florence was just what I needed to keep my energy going with all of the sketching I've been doing lately for class. With only two weeks left in Rome I hoping for less rain so I can get out and sketch!

ponsi sketch.jpg
Ponsi Sketch

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