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Monday, January 27, 2014

Sound Studio!

And my final studio is... the Sound Studio!

The focus of the studio is to explore the interaction between music, architecture and the community and how these elements intertwine and shape one another. Throughout this studio we will be researching how sound is affected by a space, how oral perception affects one's concept of space, how architecture influences music, niche musical communities and more. The final project will be a design for a recording and performance of music in the Lowertown neighborhood of St. Paul. The building will contain rooms for musical recording and performance areas, practice areas and housing for artists, a concert venue for over 300 people and attendant support spaces.

Our first assignment for the class is to take a musical instrument, dissect it, and draw it in plan, elevation, exploded axon or another method that tells the story of how the instrument and its parts work to make sound. We must focus on how air moves through the space and the textural qualities that make these sounds.

Below is an example of a fire station that was turned into a music hall. One of the Sound Studio professors, Jody McGuire, worked on this project. You may find more photos of the project here.



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