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Monday, January 20, 2014

Life Goes On

Welcome back students!! For the past four days I was at a leadership retreat with my fraternity, Delta Lambda Phi. I was secluded from civilization somewhere in Ohio and all technology linking me to the outside world was eliminated, which means my cellphone and laptops were not available to me. Our ability to connect to basically anything through the use of technology is fantastic, but this past weekend has reminded me that my life doesn't necessarily have to revolve around it. The removal of technology was actually refreshing and allowed me to really engage in the leadership retreat. Life still happens, even without technology. I'm definitely going to periodically take this concept into the new semester to allow me to fully concentrate on my work, especially since the Align Fashion show is coming up on February 15th, so I'll need to make sure I put out quality work. Everyone try a day without your cellphone and see what happens.

A picture of Ohio from the plane.
2014-01-17 11.45.13.jpg

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