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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Getting Back in the Swing of Things

After a month off of school for winter break, getting back into the routine of classes and college can be stressful. I know I was just getting adjusted to life at home again when I came back to campus to start the spring semester! A new schedule can be intimidating, especially being a first-year student, but the key is to prepare yourself beforehand! It's the second week of classes now and I'm already quite adjusted with my schedule!

U-of-M-Campus-Connector.pngI have classes now on West Bank and in St. Paul. I live on East Bank so I'm not so familiar with these other areas of campus. I'm really relying on the bus system this semester to get me to these other areas of campus (it's a lifesaver, especially in the winter). It's important to understand and become familiar with it because once you understand the Campus Connector (pictured on left) and Circulator systems, navigating campus becomes much less daunting. I also like to prepare for a new schedule by looking at the Interactive Campus Map to know where the buildings I'm supposed to be going to are located. Last semester I was on East Bank and in St. Paul so I'm now experiencing life over on West Bank two days a week. After this semester, I'll be a pro at navigating all 3 areas of campus which is quite an achievement I'd say.

Another new experience I'm having this semester is taking an online class. I'm really learning how important time management and organization are. Take a look at Karly's post about the wonders of keeping a daily planner! I know mine is going to be attached to my hip this semester.

Figuring out how to navigate campus according to your personal schedule is a great thing to do ahead of time. Also, keeping a planner is another component to a successful and less stressful beginning to the semester. Going into new classes confident and prepared make the transition back into the school routine much more manageable!

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