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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

Well, it's that time! I'M LEAVING! I cannot wait to experience all the world has in store for me within these next four months. However, there were so many things to organize before leaving. The hardest thing for me though was packing! How can I possibly fit everything I need for four months in 1 suitcase plus a carry on? Is that even possible? Well, I'm proud to say that yes it is, even for an overpacker like myself. Some of my tips for effective packing are:
1. Pack quality over quantity. It's better to have fewer items that will keep you warm/dry than lots that will not successfully do so.
2. Cut everything you are taking in half. This tip should be taken within reason. I've found that I tend to think I need everything plus the kitchen sink in my bag, but I really need about half of what I am taking.
3. Choose the fewest pieces that will make the most outfits. I try to pick one nice skirt that has multiple tops to match that can be worn either everyday or for classy nights out.
4. Don't forget your chargers! Yes, you will need adapters, but your laptop will do you no good without that charger.
5. Check the weight limits for your bags before going. Some airlines will have lower weight limits than those within the US. Make sure to check beforehand to save yourself the extra charges.
6. Bring a padlock. This may seem silly, but if you like to save money during your short trips to other cities, you will probably be staying in a hostel. Hostels are great places because they can offer lower rates, but because there may be people you don't know in your room, you should have a lock to secure your belongings.
7. Relax, you can always buy it there. Worst case scenario, you forget something at home and you have to buy it. Yes it may not be the ideal situation, but it is always a possibility.

For a more comprehensive list on what to pack, you can check out this link!

I can't wait to share my adventures with all of you! Below is a photo from myself on the beach in Florida to inspire you until my next post.

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