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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Designer Stereotypes

SpotTheDesigner.jpgAs a graphic design student, I'm well aware of the many stereotypes typically placed on professionals within the graphic design field. Designers (especially young designers) are often portrayed as avid Apple fanatics decked out in black rimmed glasses, graphic tees, and skinny jeans. Although I don't personally conform to this dress code, I do identify with a number of intellectual and creative traits commonly associated with graphic designers -- I'm very visually oriented, extremely critical of my own work, and a diehard perfectionist.

Over time I've stumbled across a number of infographics that jokingly outline these traits and poke fun at common graphic design stereotypes. I've posted two of my favorite infographics here, which you can click to view the full-sized versions. These infographics are not only entertaining, but also have a real resemblance to my own thought processes and habits (except maybe the one about digging through the garbage).

I hope you find them as entertaining as I did!

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