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Monday, January 13, 2014

Cliches like 'bittersweet'...


Cliches like 'bittersweet' are really the only way to describe the end of my blogging career for the College of Design. That's right folks, this is my last blog. It's been such a great time writing and taking photos to document my experience as an Interior Design student here at the U, but the end had to come some time... I'm not graduating for three more semesters yet, but as I come towards the end of my years in school, I am transitioning. In particular I'm becoming more involved at my internship which has been a great run so far. I'll definitely miss being a blogger and it was a hard decision, but it also creates a great opportunity for a 1st year Interior Design student named Megan. She'll be picking up the Interior Design blog starting the first week of classes (which is literally right around the corner!) Thanks very much for reading, subscribing, commenting, and connecting with me - I've genuinely loved every minute.

So long and good luck!

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