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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Breaks Up! Back to Work!

Happy New Year!! Hope 2014 is going well for everyone! Winter break is now halfway over, which means that I need to start getting those winter break projects started and completed! The past couple of weeks of no deadlines and assignments have been fantastic, but as a designer, I've gotten bored rather quickly! I can feel my mind screaming for stimulation, so with this crazy temperatures plunging, I think it's a good time to stay inside and warm and keep busy working on some personal projects, one of them being the dress for the Hearts for Fashion, fashion show coming up this February. It'll at the Mall of America, which lots of exposure. Here's a sketch of what I'm proposing to make. My inspiration comes from the heart being a muscle, and mimicking the musculature of the body.

RED Dress_Page_1.jpg RED Dress_Page_2.jpg

Follow my blog and see how the dress comes out at!

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