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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hey finish line, is that you?

I cannot believe the end of my semester is just a couple weeks away. Sometimes it feels like just yesterday that I walked into my first interior design class at the U of M, and here I am wrapping up the end of my 5th semester. Time flies.

In order to make sure I stay on top of things and finish the semester strong, I have a few study tactics to live by. Here's a quick breakdown...

1) Make lists. Personally, I utilize Todoist. It's a fantastic mobile app that lets you make lists and organize by class/project/etc. and prioritize each task. This is the first semester I've used it and I definitely notice a difference in my academic performance and time management.

2) Utilize your peers. These are folks you'll see for quite a few years. Make friends, support one another, and build a community so you can have fun when you're working together in the classroom.

3) Balance life with school/work. In other words, it's okay to have some fun! I make sure I have a healthy dose of fun in the mix which helps me stay happy.

creative exhibition.jpg
(This photo is from Cuningham Group's Creative Exhibition. I love interning there and the event was tons of fun!)

That's all for now!

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