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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Group Work: Good or Bad?

With the end of the semester quickly approaching, I find myself surrounded by projects, presentations, and group work. While I don't mind working on my individual projects, I sometimes find it difficult to do group work. From finding time/somewhere to meet to dealing with someone who isn't pulling their weight group projects can drive anyone crazy. However, I have come to find that they can sometimes be enjoyable. It's nice to have someone else to bounce ideas off of and to share in the work load. The projects/presentations completed are more complex and detailed than anything I could do on my own. cedar riverside 2.png For example, in GEOG 3371 W my group is putting together a presentation on how the area of Cedar-Riverside has changed over the years. We were required to do research, create maps, and interview businesses in order to make our presentation. It would have taken me hours to complete, but by working in a group I was able to learn more about this area than I could on my own and expand my knowledge of the Twin Cities.

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