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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Getting the Best from Finals Week

Finals week is packed with late nights, last minute cram sessions, and final presentations. Make sure to drink lots of water and take lots of walks - your body with thank you later!

I encourage everyone to walk around and take a look at student's work pinned up around Rapson. Don't feel silly either if you want to stop in a listen to any final presentation that interests you - lots of students sit in a listen to reviews. It is one of the best ways to learn and to see each others work. This is a fantastic way to also get a feel for the types of projects that a specific architecture course has to offer. If you are interested in a course, but are unsure what it entails go to the final review! I have done this before and have found it to be quite helpful in picking future courses. I have also found myself very intrigued by courses I thought I would not enjoy.

Some of my favorite final presentations to sit in on are the graduate students. Not only do I get to see highly developed and thoughtful work, but half of the fun is finding out who their guest reviewers are - usually very well known architects! It is great to hear the feedback given by the reviewers and I can usually use this information and put it towards my own work ethic and projects. Below is an image of one final review for a third year graduate studio. It was inspiring to see all of the students, professors and reviewers gathered around such a large project.


I hope this information is helpful and encourages you to check out at least one final presentation you find interesting. Good luck on finals week and enjoy the holiday break!

- Jen
B.S. in Architecture