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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Get Involved Over Winter Break!

Winter break is a wonderful time to look into organizations, clubs and other architectural activities in the Twin Cities that you just couldn't quite commit to during the semester.

One idea is to entertain your own firm crawl... visit AIA Minnesota's website here and locate their firm directory. Select a few firms within walking (or driving distance) from one another and visit them. Visiting them is a great way to familiarize yourself with their locations and put a visual with their name. Don't be afraid to stop in and introduce yourself, you may be able to find out more information about the firm, speak with a few staff members or possibly receive a tour.

Two more organizations that would be delighted to have younger members are the AIA's Emerging Professional Draughting Club and Architecture for Humanity's Minneapolis chapter. Both organizations provide a vast networking opportunity. Grab a friend or two and utilize these organizations! They may open doors to places you could only dream of.

Lastly, two historic homes featured in the Twin Cities are the James J. Hill House and Alexander Ramsey House. Students may tour these homes to learn more about the significance both homes have to Minnesota's history as well as admire the architectural details and design from their eras. These would be good opportunities to do with your family, special someone or a group of friends.

James J. Hill House

Alexander Ramsey House

Take advantage of the rich architectural community Minneapolis and St. Paul offer. The Twin Cities is proud to show off our architectural feats and gems and we have a plethora of them!

I wish everyone a very happy holidays and bright new year!

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