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Monday, December 16, 2013

Feels good to be done.

diy-project-updated.jpgAnd just like that, fall semester 2013 is over. It was busy, crazy, fun, exciting, stressful, and full of so many experiences that are molding me into a one-day interior designer. It's fun to watch myself grow, change, and morph. I'm especially lucky because I can look back at my old blog posts to see the transformation.

Now that it's officially winter break for me, there are a few things on my plate. For starters, I'll be interning full time at Cuningham Group and I could not be more excited! I loved being there full time during the summer because I can really get involved in projects and I feel even more apart of the team. In addition to interning, I'll also take time to relax, cook more, do some cool DIY projects, and create a better study environment inside my apartment.

What plans do you have as the holidays approach?

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