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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Don't Forget About You

Thanksgiving break is over. Here's a picture of me and the meal that I made for my friends for Thanksgiving.


I look at the calendar and see that there is only a week and a half left in the semester. Yikes!! I have so much to do! All my final projects are going to be due very quickly, which means I need to kick it into high gear. It's hard during breaks, like this Thanksgiving break that we had, to motivate yourself to try to stay on top of things still. This passed week, I received the unfortunate news that one of my best friends had passed away, so it was especially hard to motivate myself. In college, and with the demanding work the College of Design requires, I think people need a reminder sometimes that they still need to take care of themselves in situations such as these. Of course, you still want to be preemptive with these things as well by communicating to all your instructors, which I did, and of course they were all understanding and advised to take care of myself. So to remind everyone, classes are important, but so are you, take care of yourself.

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