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Monday, December 2, 2013

Almost Time to Wrap It Up!

I cannot believe that the semester is almost over. It seems like just yesterday that I was prepping my notebooks, textbooks and myself for the semester to begin. With so many weeks behind us, studio life has become very focused as many of us fine tune our final projects and prepare for our final presentation in front of our classmates, professors and guest reviewers. To help us prepare for our final review, our studio has practice runs where we can pin up and present everything we hope to show off and review for the final. Before Thanksgiving break, our first dry run included feedback about our structural plans and sections, overall thesis statement about our project, and suggestions about improvements to make on our models. The next dry run will allow us to present the same work with the improvements we have made. We are also going to be practicing our verbal presentation and really enhancing how we introduce and explain the ideas invested into each of our designs. These dry runs are wonderful because they give us many chances for feedback both from our professors, classmates and reviewers, which in return allows us to fine tune our projects as best as we can and prepare ourselves as best as we can for the final review. Practicing our presentations does help take some of the nerves away from the final presentation and really makes us understand our project and our argument. The photo below is of one of my classmate's work. Our final project entails a park pavilion at one of these three lakes (Lake Calhoun, Lake of the Isles and Lake Nokomis) with the addition of a wild card program that is up to our choosing. The focus is to create a program and building that relates to the lake and site context.


Another one of my classmates made us a treat as well! They are Reese's cups, Oreos and other tasty treats combined to make turkeys! Very cute!


I wish everyone the best as you prepare for finals! Remember to take breaks when you need them and to breathe!

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