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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Wait, I Need A What?

Unlike many freshman, I came to the U wanting to pursue a degree in Landscape Architecture. With this interest in mind, I was able to start taking classes in my major right away and loved them. Now I am a year and almost a half into my college career and have enough credits to apply for the accelerated landscape design + planning track here at the U. The accelerated track allows qualified undergraduates to complete the LDP and MLA in six years rather than seven years. This past week I attended a meeting with other students to learn more about applying for the accelerated track. With the information I gained here, I learned I need to submit a portfolio along with my application. Luckily, I have saved all of my drawings and projects from previous classes to compile my portfolio. One piece of advice I'd like to give is to never get rid of your coursework without either photographing or scanning a record of it for your future use. There are many options of where to do this in either a computer lab or imaging lab here on campus. They have great hours to work around any schedule. Keep checking back on to learn more about the process!

FieldTripT ShadowStudiesNoon.jpg

Left: My friends and I on a field trip for LA 1401
Right: Shadow Studies for LA 2301

Theresa, Landscape Design and Planning major