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Sunday, November 24, 2013


I hope all of you will enjoy the pleasure of spending this Thanksgiving with loved ones. I know I'm very blessed to be spending it together with my family and my boyfriend's family (don't worry, they've already met, it won't get too crazy). I'm thankful for the wonderful relationships I have, for the food that I get to eat every day, and for the education I'm receiving here at the U of M. There's another thing I'm thankful for, that I haven't told too many people about, so get ready...

This summer I'm planning on doing an internship abroad in London. Whoa man, I'm thankful for such a crazy awesome opportunity! With the help of my advisor, I came across a program on the Study Abroad site (check it out!). If everything works out, and I end up going, I'll be doing a 6-week internship in an area of work related to Housing Studies. I think it'd be sweet to intern at a homeless shelter, or somewhere where they helped people get into low-income housing.

I can definitely see myself there! Some day soon :)

The biggest road block right now is the whole money deal, but good thing the University is so eager to help in that area, with more than $500,000 in scholarships awarded to students studying abroad. So I'll start practicing my British accent straight away! ;)

Stay sharp :D
-Karly, Housing B.S.