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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Spring Semester Approaches!

With only four weeks of classes left before winter break, preparations for next semester are already beginning. On Tuesday I will register for my spring classes, which I am really looking forward to! After a nearly design-free semester, I'm excited to jump back into some hands-on graphic design classes. If everything goes as planned, here are the classes I'll be taking:


GDES 2345 - Typography
This course focuses on Typography, which the art and technique of arranging type. The class integrates Typographic principles into a variety of projects that are done both digitally and by hand.

GDES 2399W - Design and its Discontents
This class focuses on a number of universal concepts and theories within the design world. One of the biggest projects centers on consumption: What do we consume and why? This can include anything from the food we eat to the music we listen to.

DES 3201 - Career and Internship Preparation for Design
This course provides students with the tools needed to locate and secure jobs and internships within their specific field of study. It outlines the job search process, helps students identify personal skills and strengths, and teaches them how to create cover letters, resumes, and portfolios.

GDES 3312 - Color and Form in Surface Design
I am a bit foggy on the content of this course, but it seems to focus on different methods of altering surface materials (printing, dyeing, etc).

JOUR 3004W - Information for Mass Communication
This is my only non-design course of the semester, which I will be taking to fulfill my Mass Communication minor requirements. The class focuses on the application of information strategies within different mass media industries, including the processes of gathering, evaluating, and using information.

If you need help planning out your schedule for next semester, try using the U of M's Schedule Builder!

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