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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Join some amazing students in AIAS

The nationally recognized architecture student organization at the University is the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) Minnesota chapter. Minnesota represents one of thirty Midwest chapters within AIAS. Other chapters make up the East, West and South to total in 7,000 plus AIAS members nationwide. As the student representation under the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the AIAS works hard to help their members network with the architecture profession through monthly firm tours, biweekly guest speaking events and volunteering opportunities.

The AIAS-Minnesota chapter has had the opportunity to hear from wonderful professionals such as Jennifer Yoos of award winning firm VJAA and John Cook from the world recognized firm HGA. We have toured many firms such as the smaller custom residential frim TEA2 to larger firms like RSP Architects in the historic Grain Belt Brew House building as well as construction site tours like the Northrop and multi unit housing. The AIAS also strives to help improve your educational experience through the AIAS Mentor Program where first and second year students are paired with third and fourth year students. This is another great networking program that helps students with questions about portfolio, decisions between the B.S. and B.D.A. programs, helping learn the facilities at Rapson hall, pointers on projects, classes and professors and so much more. Other events AIAS Minnesota have held are bake sales, pumpkin carving, volunteering at the Gopher football games, a 5K marathon and bowling to name a few. The major events AIAS offers are the Fall Forum and the Spring Quad conferences. On these trips members travel to a destination within the country for a very reasonable cost and are able to take tracks where members learn from professionals about topics related to architecture or architectural issues within that region. This is a fantastic way to discover architecture outside of our own back yard as well as explore new cities and meet tons of AIAS members from other chapters. These are experiences you will not forget or regret! As an AIAS member you may also be part of Freedom by Design, which is our design-build organization. FBD finds local clients with specific design-build needs and implements new designs for the client and within the client's home. Freedom by Design offers wonderful design and construction experience as well as unique projects for your portfolio!

To find out more about AIAS-MN and FBD click here. To register to become an AIAS member please visit the National AIAS website here and click Join AIAS.

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