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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Gruppenprojekte! (Group Projects!)

At this time in the semester, group projects are a big deal. Professors are putting us to the real test. Have we actually gotten it, the point to their class? Are we able to regurgitate more than facts? Can we creatively take what we have learned and expound on it?

Not only do we get to answer all of those questions with a "Yes!", but we get to do it in community with other people. And I know that group projects can sometimes sound like a drag, but as I've been in college a while now, I've learned that they are such precious opportunities! Four brains are way better than one.


In my sustainable housing class, we met in our semester project groups, and my goodness, I almost cried! It was so cool!!! My group was brainstorming and coming up with all these neat ideas for the project. It's so sweet when group projects work out as intended.

Also, I hear that in the real (professional) world, all people ever do are group projects. I'm very pleased to have a taste of them as a Housing Studies student.

Stay sharp :) and warm! :D
-Karly, Housing Studies B.S.