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Friday, October 18, 2013

Putting My Creative Skills to Work!

This past week, my group for my Visual Merchandising class presented our window design for the Weisman Art Museum. We were challenged to create a window display for the WAM gift shop that reflected the image of the museum, was within a $150.00 budget, and could be easily implemented. It was also competition amongst all of my classmates, with one group being picked as the winner at the end. Doesn't sound too hard, right? Turns out, this project required a lot more work and creativity than expected!

While some people thrive in group projects, I've always preferred individual projects where I can work at my own pace and make sure it's not left for the last minute. It can also be challenging to coordinate times to meet with a group, since everyone has a busy schedule. I was very fortunate to be put in a group where each of us had different skill sets that contributed to our final result. One girl was super creative and visual, another girl was skilled in Photoshop, and I can produce a pretty good paper. In this case, the synergy from different skill sets of my group was much stronger than anything I could have done by myself, and we ended up being chosen as a finalist!

Sure, group projects can be a hassle sometimes, but I have found that they can also be the best learning experiences and the most rewarding in the end.


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Stay Fabulous,
Katie, Retail Merchandising