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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Portfolio Review = PASS!

Hello again everyone!

If you've kept up with my past few entries, you may recall that I was recently preparing for my upcoming portfolio review session. This preparation culminated last Friday when I finally completed my review! I have since received my results and am extremely pleased to announce that I passed! I am now an Official Graphic Design Major.


Although the process was nerve wracking, it was definitely not as scary as I had anticipated. The most difficult part may have been waiting for my turn in the hallway along with the six other students in my group. Each time the door to the review room opened and a name was called, my stomach would drop a little further in anticipation of my turn.

However, when the time finally arrived, my nerves surprisingly subsided. Even though I was talking to a panel of judges, it felt like just like another class critique. The review process lasted less than ten minutes, and upon leaving the room it felt as though a great weight had been lifted off my chest. Even though I didn't yet know if I had passed, it felt great to have the experience behind me.

After a tense week of constantly checking my email inbox, I finally received my results. It arrived in the middle of my web design class, which happened to include several members of my portfolio review group. Word quickly spread around the room that the emails were in, and we abandoned our work in frantic pursuit of our results. I was ecstatic to learn that I had passed, and was happy to hear that the other students in my group made the cut as well.

It feels amazing to have passed my review and finally be able to call myself an official member of Graphic Design program. I'm feeling comfortable, confident, and am looking forward to completing the rest of my undergraduate study here at the College of Design!

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