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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Looking with Creative Eyes

Housing Studies is such a wonderful major in the College of Design. While it does not require any ability to draw, paint, sculpt, or have color sense, it is still artsy in the way that it encourages a creative mind. Housing students are called to observe people, policy, and places, with an unhindered, imaginative thought process.


I get to think in such a way in my "Learning from the Landscape" class. This is the design class I enrolled in as a part of my major required courses. It definitely stretches my mind to think creatively. Recently I was given an assignment to observe the landscape and behavior of people there in the courtyard outside of the U of M Wilson Library. My homework was to people watch, as silly as that sounds. But it was cool to analytically see how different people used the space. I am not sure how I felt about all the students walking by with their head phones in, but it was pleasant to see a professor laying in the grass talking to his wife on the phone.

There's so much more to see when one begins to look.

Stay sharp :)
-Karly, Housing Studies B.S.