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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hello Color and Contours!

With fall and midterms in full swing here at the U, my days are filled with tests, drawing/painting exercises, and model making. This time of year usually drags on with having to study flash cards of vocabulary words, but this year I am lucky enough to have lots of projects to work on. The first set of projects I completed was for LA 2301, Advanced Representation for Environmental Design. Over the first few weeks of school we have reviewed drawing basics and started working with color theory. I loved getting the opportunity to leave behind my graphite pencils and black pens for my new box of colored pencils and watercolors! After practicing hard in class and on my own, I feel I now have a better sense of how to use color to enhance my drawings. Click the following PDF link to check out some of my work. Sketch 3.pdf

Besides working on color theory, I have been designing my fourth model for LA 3001, Understanding and Creating Landscape Space. This time around we were only allowed to use cardboard and started working with land contours. I struggled at first with moving the contours around to work with my design, but in the end I feel that I created a space that works well with the contours and surrounding land. However, I did not reach my final design without the help of other students, my professor, and TA. All of them spent time with me looking over my model and figuring out how it could be improved. Being critiqued is something all design students have to be open to no matter what their area of interest is. A critique is important to help you see how others view your design and to help you decide what to change and what to keep.
104.jpg 109.jpg
Above is my sketch and the start of my landform model. Check Instagram this week to see the final product!

Until next time,
Landscape Design and Planning