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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Getting To Know Rapson

The College of Design is split between the Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses. McNeal Hall in the St. Paul campus includes fashion design, graphic design, housing studies and other design programs that lie outside of the architecture curriculum. Both architecture and landscape architecture are housed in Rapson Hall, named after Minnesota native architect Ralph Rapson, located in the Minneapolis campus.

Rapson Hall is best known for its old courtyard portion designed by nationally recognized and award-winning architect John Rauma of Thorshov and Cerny (Rauma also received his undergraduate degree in architecture from the University of Minnesota and taught in the architecture department for 41 years) and the new "X" shaped addition designed by world renowned architect, Steven Holl.

The New Addition
1. Rapson 100, a large lecture hall where many courses and lecture series take place like the Architecture & Landscape Architecture Lecture Series occurring now through November 15th ().
2. Counselor's offices
3. Dean's office
4. Drafting and drawing labs located in the basement level
5. Architecture and Landscape Architecture library located on the second level


The Old Portion
1. Courtyard
2. General Purpose Classrooms
3. Graduate, B.S. and B.D.A. studio spaces
4. The Architecture and Landscape Architecture offices
5. Staff offices and the mail room
6. Woodshop
7. Digital Fabrication Lab
8. Imaging Lab
9. Computer Labs (The main lab is located in Rapson 127, but there is another lab in Rapson 33 where additional computers can be utilized when no classes are in session. This is helpful when the main lab is packed!)


Visit the College of Design's link for easy access to information about all of Rapson Hall's facilities.

Also, check out this link for tips to be successful in architecture school. You will use these all throughout your education (and they are great to carry on into your career as well!).

See you next time!

Jen, Architecture major