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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Portfolio Review Approaches!

Here at the University of Minnesota, fall is one of the most exciting times of the year. With football games, homecoming events, and tons of campus activities, there is never a dull moment. As a sophomore pre-graphic design student, fall also means one more thing: Portfolio Review.

This important day, which once seemed so far off, is now rapidly approaching. In just a few short weeks I will present my design coursework to a panel of judges who will determine whether or not I will be able to continue on as an official graphic design major.

Portfolio.JPGThroughout the month of September, my nerves steadily rose in anticipation of the big day. I was anxious to prepare in any way I could, so when an opportunity arose for me to attend an informational portfolio review session with CDes faculty, I jumped at the chance.

The session was not only extremely informative, but also helped to calm the rapidly multiplying butterflies in my stomach. The faculty members were friendly, knowledgeable, and addressed everything from portfolio requirements to appropriate dress. Students also were given the opportunity to ask any questions regarding the portfolio review process.

After attending the information session, I feel much more comfortable, confidant, and mentally prepared. I have begun assembling my portfolio, picking and choosing the pieces that best demonstrate my abilities as a designer. Even though there is still much preparation to be done, I finally feel ready to face portfolio review.

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